This will pass and someone even better will make you feel loved and very important and someone who WONT give up on you so fucking easily.

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It’s okay.

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Teen Wolf Characters + Sassy

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Stiles: Derek has dog breath in the morning.
Scott: Ew.

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Never underestimate how extraordinarily difficult it is to understand a situation from another person’s point of view.

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And I’m finally on last teen year! Woooh! (and still in the middle of hell & finals week as I launch this #cry) As a way of thanking my dear followers and sponsors for the support and love (even if majority of the time this blog is dead), this year along with the celebration of my 19th birthday, I’m hosting a BIGGER (I really mean bigger!) & MORE EXCITING Birthday Blog Giveaway compared to last years! More awesome sponsors, more amazing prizes, and mooore winners!! Everyone has a greater chance of winning at least one of my prizes! READ MORE for the prizes & mechanics & JOIN JOIN JOIN! :) Hoping for another year of growth, happiness, love and #OneDay dreams coming true! To all those who have been reading and supporting this little blog of mine from the very beginning, thank you from the bottom of my heart! This one is for youu! Goodluck! <3


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Unearthly girl

vulnerable, oblivion, insecure, blemished. These are the things that describe me, but none of these things can stop me from reaching my dreams.

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